Compromised Church

Compromised Church

Body of Christ, members of the Compromised Church believe in Jesus and confess Jesus in front of others. Yet, being surrounded by evil, they have many opportunities to compromise God's principles with the world's principles.

These church members tolerate compromise and the mixing of God’s principles with other doctrine. But God is not ok with believers mixing the things of the world with the things of the Kingdom. In fact, God hates the deeds of Nicolaitans (those who teach doctrine of compromise) and expects every believer to also hate Nicolaitans deeds (Revelations 2:15).

Even Jesus had to tell Peter “get behind Me, Satan!" Because Peter became a stumbling block to Jesus by not setting his mind on God’s interests, but man’s (Matthew 16:23). By setting their minds on man's interest, members of the Compromised Church put up stumbling blocks for themselves and other believers.

Ask God and ask yourself, whether you are a member of the Compromising Church!
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