Obedience is God’s Love Language

Obedience is God’s Love Language

Why does obeying God matter?

Well for one thing—Obedience is God’s Love Language. The Bible clearly shows us that those who love God actually do what He says (John 14:21).

Those who are Children of God  already know that God hates mixture. We already know that God expects His children to be set apart being in the world but not of the world. Because we have a Kingdom assignment, we cannot afford to be carnally minded.

Some people who are not practicing obedience and focused on pleasing God may participate in carnality (worldly things) but those of us who are on assignment cannot be distracted by the world. The world is going to do what the world does, God’s Children are going to do what God’s Children do—-choose to be set-a-part. 

One way to be set-a-part is by assessing ourselves and comparing our hearts, thoughts, and behaviors to what is presented in the Word of God. Regular self-assessments help us to stay focused.

If you have not yet done so, go to thelordside.com (under FREE) and complete your 7 Churches Self-Assessment to see which of the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation you may be a member of. If you see yourself within the Loveless, Dead, Compromised, Corrupted, or Lukewarm church, hurry up and REPENT.  

If you find that you sometimes struggle obeying God or consistently obeying God check out the Do What God Said/Says: 21 Day Practicing Obedience Challenge Workbook (also under the menu item FREE) @thelordside.com. This challenge can be self-paced where you complete the challenge on your own by completing the workbook and watching the videos. Or you can join me as I take people on the challenge monthly, you still will complete the workbook and watch videos, but you have me along for the journey reminding you that if God told you to obey, He will help you do so! The challenge starts the first of every month.

That's it that's all. As God's children, we must get, be, and stay focused. God is not playing. He knows how the world acts, and God expects His children to behave differently. We already have the blue print and answer key.

Those in the world are prideful and after their own will. God's children are humble and know their assignment- they are here to do the will of God the Father. They continually practice obedience knowing that at times they miss it, but they repent and get back up quickly. They are on the Lord's Side. Their Commander is the Lord God of Heaven's Armies and only His command do they follow.

Those on the Lord’s Side stand up and stay focused. We have Kingdom of God work to do!


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